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VEGEMITE Jar Reviews

Judy from Bend, Bend, USA on December 01, 2018:
I love Vegemite! Have done since I was a small child growing up in Oz. I love it on toast. I take a bite of the toast, then a sip of hot, sweet, Irish Breakfast tea with milk. The combination of the salty and sweet is WONDERFUL!
Kevin from Cary, Cary, USA on September 29, 2014:
If there's anyone who has turned up their nose at this awesome dark-red-brown spread, try this, but - beware - it will make an addict out of you - lightly toast a multi-grain seed bread slice, apply some irish butter, and then paste a decent layer of Vegemite all over it, and take large bites of it; it is incredibly enjoyable, believe me !

Kevin B.
Richard from San Diego, San Diego, USA on November 19, 2013:
My son loves it he is three now and has been eating vegemite since he was 3 weeks old, better yet he is from California!
Wayne from Diamond Bar, Diamond Bar, USA on April 14, 2013:
The first time I tried Vegemite was back in 1997 when my Australian roommate let me try his. I wasn't sure what to think of it, to me it just seemed "ok". Fast forward 15 years later, I wanted to try V-mite again as I couldn't remember what on earth it tasted like. I ordered one 400 gram jar from Simply Australian and BAM, I was hooked! Since then, I've bought many jars of this great stuff. I like Vegemite on crackers and on toast, but my most favorite is V-mite on egg salad sandwiches. Being "adventurous" I've tried V-mite on McDonald's fish fillet sandwiches (without the tartar sauce, of course) and I must say that's a hit too! I've also tried Marmite but I'm totally sold on Vegemite :-)
Jo-Anna on January 16, 2013:
Bless you, Simply Australian. You've made my partner a very Happy Little Vegemite.